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How to protect your betting bank in 2020

Protect your betting bank, if  you are serious about winning in 2020 then your betting bank is king – no exceptions. Your  selections are just as important but the management of your bank  will make you a winner. Treat your bank as an investment , dont abuse it , dont take it for granted and use it for betting only.

Do not use your betting bank for any expenses or bills , use it only for your betting. By Setting it aside for punting only you will increase your chances of having a winning year. Over 97% of punters lose their money , follow our simple guidelines and protect your bank. This is your money , do not make it easier for the bookmakers to slowly drain your bank , protect your betting bank

How much should I bet

Many professional punters will use a percentage of their bank for each bet , generally between 2-3%. Our System is different follow our guidelines and apply it diligently to your bank and you will see the results. When betting you should be trying to win 2- 2.5% of your bank on every bet. An example of this , if your bank is $1000.00 , you are betting to win $25. If your horse or team is rated at 3/1 your bet would be approximately $12 . Generally  re-assess your starting bank each day and adjust the amount you are wanting to win according to your bank.

By using this type of bank management you are protecting your bank from when you experience a losing run. Do not lose faith in your selections , all punters will experience losing runs but this type of betting will reduce your losses. When you are utilising a smart betting bank management system you are ensuring that you can sustain losing runs but take advantage of the winning streaks.

Record all your bets

To ensure that you are using the betting bank management correctly, you must record all your bets on a spreadsheet or document. This should form part of your daily schedule , enter your selection and then record your odds and amounts that you have placed. There are some very good spreadsheets that are freely available online.

Remember that 2020 is all about protecting your betting bank.


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